Best Tires for Dodge Ram 1500: Buying Guide and Review

What is it that its users like the most about Dodge Ram 1500? Ask its drivers this question, and you’ll get multiple answers in return. Some of the respondents will tell you that it is the utility that this vehicle offers in towing and hauling that attracted them in the first place.

Others, meanwhile, will nudge you in the direction of the robust styling of these trucks. These people might point at the muscular styling and the wide front grille to support their viewpoint. You might also hear a third type of response, one that will point out the benefits of its air suspension.

Whatever the benefit that you may hope to get from this truck, you cannot deny that only with a good set of tires you could fully exploit all of its plus points. To help you choose the best tires for Dodge Ram 1500, we have come up with this detailed buying guide.

Best Tires For Dodge Ram 1500

All-Terrain Tires

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02

Since its launch almost 15 years ago, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 have undergone at least four updates. What has remained constant despite constant upgrades in their features is these tires’ ability to serve SUV, jeep and pickup truck drivers with aplomb.


Compare the T/A KO2 that are currently available on the market to their previous versions, and you’d notice that their sidewall rubber compound’s thickness has gone up a notch. These tires have now become a lot tougher and, therefore, more suitable to handle the rigors of all terrains.

Similar sturdiness is on display when you look at the twin steel belts of these tires. Reinforced with nylon, the steel belts feature their manufacturer’s sidewall ply construction to guarantee long wear times. They also help this model retain its original shape for longer periods.

Its design is the one feature that this tire borrows from the original T/A KO tire. That model had a computer-optimized tread pattern and multiple interlocking tread blocks, with the arrangement helping to improve the tire’s traction on wet as well as icy conditions.

That it has the same design as one of its manufacturer’s best-sellers doesn’t mean that this tire doesn’t have unique features of its own. It comes with side biter lugs (rubber blocks on its sidewall) that help the tire bite into snow and mud for added traction.

Once you air down the tire, the rock climbing traction of this tire will go up a notch. It also has mud buster bars in its shoulder tread area to effectively channel mud from beneath the tire’s footprint. Also on offer is a mountain/snowflake symbol as well as locking 3D sipes to reinforce its grip on ice and snow.


  • Mountain/snowflake symbol
  • Excellent mud and rock traction
  • Tough and durable tread


  • Traction on slush could have been better

Cooper Discoverer A/T3

Cooper Discoverer A/T3

Some of you might be content with an all-terrain tire that won’t perform as adequately on on-road conditions. The majority, however, demands the best performance on both surfaces. That’s exactly what you’d get from the Cooper Discoverer tires.


As stated earlier, the best thing about the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is its equally brilliant performance on both the highways as well as off-road. Its optimized tread design (which increases the tire’s grip on both surfaces) and the five-ribbed design (which improves its handling) are the reasons why that’s the case.

For a dedicated all-terrain tire, the A/T3 offers a surprisingly comfortable and (dare we say) quiet ride. It makes the same possible due to its zigzag siping structure that helps lowers the road noise. Though you can also count on the siping structure to increase its lifespan by improving the tire’s treadwear.

Self-cleaning is one of the strongest fortes of this model. It comes with lateral grooves that effectively remove stones and pebbles from within the tire’s contours. Hence the reason why you’d be able to see a fresh look every time this model leaves a rough terrain behind.

Its wet and icy surfaces traction won’t give you nightmares. The tread of this tire contains the snow-friendly silica compound whose flexibility empowers it to retain traction on extra-slippery surfaces – be that ice-covered pavement or deep puddles of water.

There’s nothing about this tire’s durability that would force you to purchase a replacement anytime soon. Its inner structure features two steel belts and a nylon wrapping that takes its strength up a notch. There is also the polyester cord body that improves the ride’s comfort.


  • Impressive all-terrain traction
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Offers self-cleaning capabilities


  • Not recommended for heavy snow conditions

General Grabber AT2

General Grabber AT2

The General Grabber AT2 tires come with an aggressive tread design that makes them a must-have option for off-road conditions. At the same time, their internal steel belts and polyester cord helps them hold their own on street roads and highways.


Let there be no doubt that durability is the one feature that most drivers would look for when searching for the best pair for their Dodge Ram 1500. Fortunately, the double-v tread pattern of the General Grabber AT2 empowers this tire to last ages with minimal care from your side.

This tread pattern has an interlocking design that acts as a shield to prevent any off-road irritants from getting inside the body of the tire and troubling it from there. It will keep the tire secure as long as you don’t drive in sticky mud – in which case the tread pattern won’t be of much help.

As common sense tells us, the General Grabber AT2 doesn’t come in the one-size-fits-all category. Its sizes range between 25 and 35 inches in overall diameter. And with the change in sizes, you get two different internal structures: one with twin steel belts and other with reinforced nylon.

Regardless of which belt comes your way, both will be mounted on a cord body made of double-layered polyester. Such an arrangement helps provide this tire with improved durability. It also gives it more strength which the tire uses to absorb most bumps and vibrations. 

Lastly, like most General tires that you see on the market, this one too comes loaded with technologies. It features Comfort Gen Technology to give you a smoother ride, has DuraGen Technology to provide better performance on rough trails and also contains StabiliTread Technology to give a longer tread life.


  • Brilliant road performance
  • Dependable on snow-laded trails
  • Has a durable tread design


  • Loud on dry tarmac

Kumho Road Venture AT51

Best mud tires for dodge ram 1500

Kumho Road Venture AT51

Do you know why some drivers never go for all-terrain tires? These models are notorious for their excessive wear. While soft on muddy and off-road terrains, their inordinate wearing makes most of them terrible on the highway. Luckily, you won’t have this problem with the Kumho Road Venture AT51.


In case you were wondering, the best feature of these tires is their high-end performance over snowy or muddy terrains. These tires are equipped with angled chamfers whose vicious biting edges would help them propel your Dodge Ram 1500 on sand, mud, loose tarmac, snow, and ice.

Their rugged appearance is further enhanced by the tapered shoulder blocks that dot the sidewall of the Kumho Road Venture AT51. Even after you have decided to deflate the tires on purpose, this design would keep providing added grip, while also helping the tire clean itself.

You can expect to have a silent and smooth ride on these tires. That’s mainly because their variable-pitch tread blocks, a symmetric tread design, two-ply polyester cord body, and jointless bead bundles help them suss-out off-road vibrations and keep the road-noise at a distance.

They also have deep central grooves which quickly channel water from beneath the tire’s footprint to prevent hydroplaning. Inside the tread are dual steel belts and a tread compound which not only impart it with added strength but also ensure safe heat diffusion.

Their snow-performance is second to none, either. You can be sure of this fact by looking at the mountain/snowflake symbol which adorns their outer tread area. It’s a signature symbol of those tires that provide class-leading performance on snow-laden roads.


  • Prevents hydroplaning and heat build-up
  • Self-cleaning ability
  • Boasts even treadwear
  • Outstanding winter performance


  • Questionable performance on mud

Michelin LTX A/T 2

Best 20 Inch Tires for Dodge Ram 1500

Michelin LTX A/T2

For some inexplicable reason, we weren’t too confident about the off-road performance of the Michelin LTX A/T2. Perhaps it was its softer-than-usual sidewalls or the aggressive-than-average tread. However, once we were done taking a test ride on this model, our view of this tire had gone a 180* change.


We had two major concerns about the A/T2 as it was delivered to our garage. First, we weren’t sure why Michelin had decided to make its tread so aggressive. Second, we had our doubts than its softer sidewalls won’t hold their own on dry tarmac. We’re happy to report that we were wrong on both counts.

As it turned out, the stronger tread compound wasn’t working alone. It had joined its forces with this model’s Biting Edges technology, which is responsible for added notched blocks in the tread pattern. Their resulting union helped the A/T2 achieve supreme traction on dirt, mud, gravel, and snow.

Their ‘’floatier than others’’ sidewalls also serve a purpose. Supported by the three inner steel belts, they help increase the tire’s footprint on extra-slippery surfaces. This arrangement, in turn, would help this tire put other all-terrain models to shame with its excellent snow and ice traction.

Similar to other Michelin tires you see in this review and on the market, the AT2 also comes with Michelin’s state-of-the-art Comfort Control Technology. It takes the computer-optimized tread design of this model into its stride to dramatically increase its ride comfort and reduce its road noise.

On top of everything else, you can trust this tire to boast a longer-than-usual Treadlife and even treadwear because of its Max-Touch Construction. You can get this tire in 15-20 inch sizes, with D and E load ratings and can opt for either a black sidewall or one that is adorned with raised white letters.


  • Excellent handling on all terrains
  • Above-average snow performance
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Exceptional tread life


  • Pricey

Highway Tires

Michelin LTX M/S

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

At the cost of sounding hyperbolical or biased or both, we have no hesitation in claiming that the Michelin LTX M/S is one of the best highway tires on the market. You can use this tire in both dry and wet conditions, and it also works in light snow. Though it isn’t one for the off-roads.


Since Michelin introduced this model to replace its highly popular LTX MS2 series, it had to convince its customers by giving some sweeteners. That it managed to do by equipping this model with three specific technologies including Evertread, Comfort Control, and Intellisipe Technologies.

The Evertread technology increases the shelf-life of this tire by empowering it to better withstand road abuse and wear and tear. The Comfort Control Technology, meanwhile, keeps road noises at bay to give you a comfortable ride, whereas the Intellisipe technology increases its traction on wet surfaces.

As far as its durability is concerned, an equally important role is played by its Max Touch Construction. We clearly felt how effortlessly it balanced the forces of braking, acceleration, and cornering. Experts would tell you that tires who can manage to do this manage to last longer.

It is capable of doing the same because of its biting edges, which help the tire pass through deep puddles with minimum slippage. Also present in the tread area are the multiple lateral grooves. Their function is to effectively evacuate water from within the tire to prevent hydroplaning.

Of the three versions that this tire is available on the market – –   215/75R15 100T, 235/75R15/XL 109T, and 31×10.50R15/C 109R, the last one is for your Ram 1500. That’s mainly because its extended rim width range (7’’ to 9’’) helps increase its load capacity to increase its load-bearing capacity.


  • Tough tread compound
  • Decent traction on wet surfaces
  • Comfortable and quiet riding


  • Not for snowy conditions

Off-Road Tires

Dick Cepek Extreme Country

Dick Cepek Extreme Country

If you came here looking for a tire that is a staple in the off-road country, you won’t go wrong with the Dick Cepek Extreme Country. It combines high-levels of traction and toughness with a lower price point to make itself accessible to the majority of Dodge Ram 1500 drivers.


One glance at the Dick Cepek Extreme Country is all that it would take you to believe that this tire means business. It has a super-aggressive shape that would tell the onlookers that this tire is ready to conquer the off-roads and that too without blowing a hole in the pocket of its driver.

Similar to other MT tires you see on the market, the Dick Cepek Extreme Country is M+S rated. The deeper tread level in its tread pattern, plus its strong tread compound, has helped take its cut and chip resistance to the next level, while also playing their part in enhancing its Treadlife and traction.

Dick Cepek has also equipped this model with stone ejector tread grooves whose name indicates their purpose. Its tread area is dotted with inner and outer lugs that join their forces with the specially designed chamfers which are in their vicinity to provide better grips on rocks.

One would expect off-road tires to have added sidewall protection as they have to handle more extreme conditions. Its ‘Side-biters’ fulfill the same by covering the sidewall to increase its shelf-life. And you can also trust them to provide added traction on slippery and loose surfaces.

Beneath everything else, you’d come across a two-ply high-tensile body cord. It is there to increase the tire’s rolling resistance (for better grip) and minimize heat build-up. You could get this tire in various sizes ranging between 15 and 20 inches.


  • Protection against punctures
  • Arrangement for heat diffusion
  • Added grip on locks and solid debris


  • Poor traction on ice (as expected)

High-Performance Tires

Nitto NT 421Q

Best Overall High-Performance Tires

Nitto NT421Q​

The Nitto NT 421Q belongs to that rare breed of tires that have got all their bases covered. It provides the bouncy ride of rugged SUV tires but still has the sport-handling and aggressive style of the high-performance models. Those of you who want an ultra-high-performance tire shouldn’t ignore it.


As the face of its manufacturer’s latest generation of CUV tires, the NT421Q comes with a lot of bells and whistles. The most important one, at least for Dodge Ram 1500 drivers, is its dual-faced tread design whose sides improve stability, handling and traction.

How? The inner shoulder, which is responsible for removing water, has larger open grooves that juxtapose the rate of water entry with its exit. As for the outer shoulder, it is equipped with larger tread blocks which not only do everything mentioned in the last paragraph but also improve the tire’s cornering.

To make sure that the tire doesn’t give set the passengers in the cabin on vibration, its added circumferential layer of rubber comes to the fore. Of course, that should go without saying that a drive without any vibrations is also a drive that is extremely comfortable.

Nitto has also empowered this model by equipping it with its 3D interlocking sipe design and exclusive 3D multi-wave. Both these features interlock the sipes as you apply brakes, thereby creating a larger contact patch with the road. This ensures added traction and powerful cornering in wet conditions.

Most high-performance tires you see on the market come with no wear or maintenance indicators. The NT 421Q is different, as its intelligent maintenance indicators help you gauge the condition of the treads. They also serve as an early-warning system against alignment and suspension problems.


  • Comes with maintenance indicators
  • An added layer of rubber for extra strength
  • Powerful cornering and brilliant wet-weather performance


  • Pricey when compared with the General Grabber UHP

General Grabber UHP

Best Summer High-Performance Tires

General Grabber UHP

Provided you’re looking for a high-performance tire – and live in an area where the winters come and go in a heartbeat, we recommend checking out the General Grabber UHP. It’s a high-performance option that delivers extreme cornering speeds and high-speed stability at a premium price.


The unique tread design of this high-performance tire provides three unique benefits to the drivers of Dodge Ram 1500. It boasts computer optimization to make sure that as you roll forward, road noise and vibrations are left behind, thereby ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride.

Secondly, while it is no doubt designed to tackle summers, one particular feature of this model (its angled grooves) would help it hold its own on wet surfaces. They are perched at such an angle that the rate of entry of water would be equal to its exit, so you can be sure of no slippage.

Furthermore, you can trust this tire to evenly distribute its pressure along the road because of its directional tread design. It ensures that the tire’s road contact remains maximum at all times to help it retain full grip and traction even at the most breathtaking of speeds.

To justify its exorbitant asking price, General has tried to make this tire ultra-durable by providing its inner steel belts with jointless wrapped nylon. Both of them complement each other to help the tires retain their original shape in the aftermath of accidental bumps against road debris and hard shoulders.


  • Excellent steering response
  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Outstanding traction


  • Not for winter conditions

Winter Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Why are we rating the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 as the best tires on the market and not some of its other competitors from Michelin or General? Mainly because these tires provide the trio of excellent steering response, long tread life and short braking distance in a budget price point.


If you don’t mind us sounding pedantic, let us explain the advantages of the NanoPro Tech Multicell Compound of this model. It boasts a water-loving coating that separates water from snow, thereby improving the grip and traction of this tire.

That isn’t the only reason behind these tires’ excellent winter performance. Its tread contains microscopic bite particles that tear through layers of snow to maintain its grip. Furthermore, the flexibility of the Multicell compound would help decrease your Ram 1500’s braking distance on ice.

Effective channeling of water from beneath the tire’s footprint is ensured by its directional tread design. However, if any water still remains inside, it won’t be able to affect the model’s traction. That’s because the DM-V2 has aggressive block edges that would maintain its traction no matter what.

To provide these tires with even more biting power, Bridgestone has provided their tread with 3D zigzag sipes. You also get a tread depth indicator which shows how much of the normal winter compound (45% of the tread) and Multicell Compound (remaining 55%) is used.

Finally, while we weren’t impressed with their rapidly deteriorating treadwear, we were also watching the aggressive driving style of our person behind the wheel. That means that unless you don’t get too enthusiastic while driving, this treadlife will comfortably outlast its warranty period.


  • Excellent traction in extreme weather
  • Smaller braking distance
  • More biting power


  • Only negative is their Treadlife

How to choose the best tires for Dodge Ram 1500?

Best Tires For Dodge Ram 1500

As you might already know, the Dodge Ram 1500 is one of those vehicles which can do virtually everything without breaking a sweat. Assuming you’re aware of this fact, you need to ask yourself on which terrain are you going to use this vehicle.

All-Terrain Tires

Their name makes it clear that these tires reserve their best performance for off-road conditions. They boast an extra-wide footprint which empowers them to provide better grip on tough surfaces. Also on offer is a large tread-pattern that allows them to effortlessly absorb vibrations.

That said, not everything is hunky-dory about these models. While they would offer adequate stability on the highway, the noise and fuel consumption of these tires on paved roads won’t make them an economical option, especially once you compare their performance against highway tires.

Pros: Extreme traction; absorb off-road vibrations; stable on the highway

Cons: High fuel-consumption on paved roads

Highway Tires

Have you used touring tires on a smaller vehicle before? Then you are already aware of the quiet and comfortable riding that is the unique selling point of highway tires. These tires provide brilliant cornering speeds and are capable of breaking at short distances.

What’s more, since most highway tires fall in the all-season category, you can use them throughout the year. Though it should go without saying that these tires are completely unsafe for off-road conditions, as the traction they offer on tough surfaces is well below par.

Pros: Quiet operation; comfortable riding experience; all-season utility

Cons: Poor performance on off-road conditions

Off-road Tires

In case you’re wondering, the reason why the market doesn’t throw up off-road tires is that these tires are most available in specialized versions – like rock-crawling tires or mud-terrain tires. They are aimed at enthusiasts, a point which their steep asking price does well to hammer home.

Similar to the all-terrain tires, these tires have a tough tread compound and boast huge load-bearing capacity. Unlike them, off-road tires reject stones and are also puncture-resistant. However, their highway performance is inferior to that of their all-terrain counterparts.

Pros: Perform excellent on mud and/or rocky surfaces; high load-bearing capacity

Cons: Not suitable for highway and street driving

High-Performance Tires

Are you going to drive your Dodge Ram 1500 only in summer conditions? Have the bank balance to replace its tires after every 15,000 to 20,000 miles? In case you are nodding in response to both these questions, only then you should consider installing high-performance tires beneath it.

And why is that? The best high-performance tires provide extreme cornering speeds, short braking distances, and responsive handling. They are also second to none when it comes to traction and aggressive street driving. All these properties, unfortunately, combine to decrease their tread life.

Pros: Short braking distance; responsive handling; excellent cornering speed

Cons: Low tread life

Winter Tires

Although none of the abovementioned tires would dare mention it in their brochure, they’re all designed to be used in summer conditions. Winter tires, as their name makes clear, are the only one which can handle slippery surfaces which are the hallmark of ice- and snow-laden roads.

The best winter tires are available in two types: stud and studless. Although it isn’t always true, the studded winter tires provide better traction in extreme snow than their studless counterparts. Though you won’t notice any difference in their performance if you’re going to use them in light snow conditions.

Pros: Extreme grip and traction on snow; brilliant water-removal characteristics

Cons: Not for dry/summer roads; relatively small tread warranty period


Prior to 2010, the Dodge Ram 1500 comes in many models including ST, SXT, SLT, TRX, TRX4, Sport, and Laramie models. The next decade saw Ram launching its own brand with its name. You might find it good to know that every tire listed above will fit all these models.

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