Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

You surely know by know that the big pioneer for the SUV category is the Jeep Grand Cherokee ever since 1993. Now, this is one of the strongest and best vehicles of mid-size category SUV due to its great dynamics, off-road traction, and roomy interior for passengers and cargo too.

This vehicle is excellent, but when it comes to choosing tires for it, this is where it gets really tedious and tiring. Such a muscular SUV is usable on both off and on road, so you may face the dilemma of choosing on-road handling, or strong off-road traction. Majority of Grand Cherokee owners avoid using it for off-road, and mostly use it lightly. Plus, those drivers that use it for all-terrain are not that many in total.

The best tires your Jeep Grand Cherokee should have essential superb dynamics and incredible comfort. The Grand Cherokee has to be amazing for on-road usage as well. If that quality is checked, then you go to off-road traction next.

Best Tires For Jeep Grand Cherokee

Big tires, no lift

General Grabber HTS

General Grabber HTS 60


  • Wet and dry traction are great
  • Control and steering responsiveness are precise
  • Comfy ride
  • No noise
  • 60k warranty


  • Treadlife can be better for some users

This tire has very precise steering and resposiveness, sharp and precise traction and handling too, and it is made for all pickup trucks, SUVs, crossovers and vans too. It has an interesting tread design and lengthy treadlife.

The team here included the special Eco-Ride tread for better comfort, long treadlife, and great traction all year round. The tread design is symmetric with a large contact patch too.

The wet traction is a strong feature with Grabber HTS, so if you drive the Grand Cherokee on wet weather conditions, it is a good pick. The steering is enhanced and rain water is easily removed from the tire, so there is no risk of hydroplaning. The multiple sipes near the tread add better grip and bite on snow and wet roads.

With this tire you can expect almost no noise, and great comfort at the same time because of the pockets that capture sounds. And, there is the Duragen technology as well, with 2 belts of steel and casing of microfiber for better durability.

Grabber HTS is warranted for 45k or 60k miles of tread.

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A


  • Dry road traction
  • Traction on gravel and dirt
  • Steering responsiveness is crisp
  • Comfort and silence


  • Winter handling and wet handling can be improved
  • Treadlife can be improved too

The Wrangler SR-A is a tire that is original equipment on many pickup trucks. Still, it is very popular as replacement tire for crossovers and SUVs too. It has an all-season tread with WetTrac technology pairing with symmetrical tread for better wet traction, and traction on mud, gravel, and light snow as well.

The zig-zag sipes near the tread with the circumferential grooves remove water so there is lessened risk of hydroplaning; still this is not a very great strength with Wrangler SR-A.

The dry road grip is improved with the independent tread blocks, wide contact patch, and lateral grooves. SR-A is a very quiet tire, so when you are in the Grand Cherokee you won’t feel vibrations or bumps on the road.

Inside there are 2 steel belts for strength and durability. This tire comes warranted for 50k miles.

Yokohama Geolandar G055

Yokohama Geolandar G055


  • Comfort
  • Dry traction
  • Treadlife


  • Cornering
  • Winter performance can be better

This tire was made mostly to suit SUVs and crossovers mainly, but it is a great tire for drivers that need all-season quality of tires, good traction and long treadwear.

The tread compound is all-season and features the Orange Oil technology, lots of silica, and high-tech polymers, everything eco-friendly! These things together enhance the wet and dry traction, and the ice and snow grip. The center rib improves the steering responsiveness, and the symmetic tread improves the stability and cornering grip.

The zig-zag grooves improve wet traction, which is a special great feature here – so, if you must rev up the Grand Cherokee on wet roads, it is all good, because there is no hydroplaning risk as well!

Then, the tire has extra silica and sipes for more biting edges – this allows good driving on light snow, which is another strength here.

Road noise is not a concern, because the tire numbs down the sounds and bumps on the road, and treadwear is prolonged too.

On the inside, the two belts of steel are reinforced with nylon for more durability and strength. Geolandar G055 coms in 19 sizes, and is warranted for 65k miles of tread.

Which big tire with no lift is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our pick here for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the General Grabber HTS. A very comfy and silent tire for a pleasurable ride. You will have amazing control over the vehicle and the road ahead with the responsiveness it delivers. Wet and dry traction are great, and warranty is excellent.

All-terrain tires

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10


  • Quiet on highways
  • Steering responsiveness is great
  • Easy-handling on mud, snow, rain, gravel, dirt
  • Great value for the money


  • Sidewall can be stiffer for better cornering

This tire is an all-terrain tire that also delivers great performance on the highway, and it is suitable for vans, SUVs and most pickups as well. It comes with an aggressive tread design for great acceleration and grip on and off road. Isn’t it great that whenever you need to speed up the Grand Cherokee, you can do it with such an all-terrain tire?

The tread compound is puncture-resistant ad keeps the sidewalls and tread safe from rocks and debris – which it does really good. The tread pattern offers great traction on mud, gravel, snow, and sand, and is very quiet too.

The zig-zag tread enhances the wet and icy traction and grip, and delivers great traction off-road too. There are stone ejectors too, near the center tread, so they remove rocks immediately, while the angled grooves remove the mud.

The width of the tread is wider by 8% compared to other tires of this class, so the grip is largely enhanced, and the inside features 2 steel belts for more stability. The RF10 also has a rim protector for keeping the wheels damage-free, and the rim cushion keeps the sidewall safe from damages in cases of low pressure.

RF10 is warranted for 50k mils of tread.

Michelin LTX A/T2

Michelin LTX A/T2


  • Comfort
  • Snow performance
  • Traction and handling on light terrain
  • Treadlife is amazing


  • Some noise on the highway can be noticed

The LTX A/T2 is a premium tire for all-terrain usage and it delivers great off-road performance, and on-road performance too. It is a very comfy tire that is suitable mainly for SUVs, vans, and pickups who drive on demanding roads. Do you use the Grand Cherokee on such roads? Then keep on reading.

The string truck tread is paired with the Michelin Biting Edges for more notched blocks that improve traction on dirt, mud, gravel, and snow. This tire even has 3 belts of steel for better resistance to punctures for off-road, and better strength.

The tread contact patch enhances the stability and grip on the highways. The comfort is superb with the Comfort Control Technology that is tread optimized by computer, and it lessens the road noise, while it increases the comfort.

Inside, there are the standard 2 steel belts for durability. The engineers also used the Max-Touch Construction for better treadwear and longer treadlife – exceptional features of this tire.

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac


  • Off-road traction is great
  • Snow traction is good
  • Comfort is better than expected
  • Tread is long-lasting


  • Slightly noisy on dry pavement

The DuraTrac was a tire made for amazing off-road usage, great road traction, and precise handling. It is suitable for heeos, trucks, SUVs, and some commerical vehicles too.

The tread compound is all-terrain and all-season too, so it withstands daily driving requirements for towing, loading, and off-road use. It can be a good addition to your Grand Cherokee, if you use it for these things mostly.

The tread compound is all-season and all-terrain as we mentioned, so it resists any chunking, tears, chips and damages. The symmetric tread design is self-cleaning, so it successfully removes snow, dirt, gravel, and mud, resulting in good stability and performance.

The wet and dry pavement performance is improved with the angled tread blocks that enhance the traction and stability. It is great to know that snow performance is just flawless here, and the tire is studdable for #16 metal studs.

The engineers here used a TractiveGroove technology for extra biting edges that deliver eventraction. It is amazing how DuraTrac handles snow, mud, and similar terrain.

Then, on the inside we have the 2 belts of steel reinforced with nylon for longer durability, better strength, and longer treadlife – a very strong feature with DuraTrac. The rim lock does not allow for a wheel slip, and the rim protector lessens any risk of damage to the wheels.

DuraTrac comes with a limited warranty.

Which all-terrain tire is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our pick is the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac as best all-terrain tire for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The off-road performance is simply amazing, but also the snow performance is outstanding at the same time. You can expect a long treadlife with this tire, and exceptional treadlife.

Snow tires

Continental ContiWinterContact TS830P

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 1


  • Traction on ice, slush, and snow
  • Dry road handling is great
  • Reliable on low temperatures
  • Quiet and comfy


  • Braking on wet roads can be improved
  • More sizes would be a good addition too

The ContiWinterContact TS830P is a tire made with great high-performance in mind, and it was designed mainly for lux sedans, sporty SUVs, and some sporty cars primarily. What is great here is that thise tire offers safety even in the most severe winter conditions.

The asymmetric tread features circumferential grooves and dense sipes for strong and precise bite into slush, snow, and ice. At the same time, the slush and water are removed from the tire, so there is no risk of hydroplaning too. You can have a solid drive the Grand Cherokee on wet and snowy roads, because this tire seems to be great for it.

Also, ContiWinterContact TS830P has the snowflake/mountain logo which is another boost for drivers that seek great winter performance. Further, this tire has round shoulder blocks for amazing responsiveness and handling on dry roads. The contact patch pressure secures the evenness of the tread, and the fuel-efficiency too.

ContiWinterContact TS830P comes with a limited warranty for the tread.

Goodyear Winter Command

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2


  • Easy going through water
  • Enhanced grip on ice and snow
  • Snow, ice, and wet traction
  • Strength for a better quality of ride


  • Early to point out any flaws so far due to the recent release

The WinterCommand by Goodyear is one of the latest additions to their winter tires. This tire was made with the goal of pleasant and secure driving in harsh winter conditions that include snow and rain too. It was launched recently, in March 2019, and it comes in 54 sizes.

The tire shows the snowflake/mountain logo and it is equipped with a unique tread and pattern design preciesly aimed for icy roads. You no longer have to fear driving the Grand Cherokee on icy roads if you try out this tire. The zig-zag sipes are excellent for facing all winter conditions and wet roads as well.

Winter Command features a 3-tread pattern that is a good fit for most vehicles, providing optimal and maximum usage and great performance. The tread pattern has many biting edges for better traction on snow whenever you start or stop.

It is good to know that this tire is really cost-efficient, while at the same time very capable for the winter season, harsh as it may be!

Michelin Latitude Alpin HP

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 3


  • Comfort is incredible
  • Road noise is very low
  • Grip in winter is superb
  • Treadlife is better than average


  • A broad variety of tire sizes could be good

The Alpin HP by Michelin is a winter tire for high-performance, mainly designed for crossovers, trucks, SUVs, and more. The model has many elements in its design for a maximum winter performance, and increased performance of handling.

The tire has active 3-D sipes near the tread, all molded and shaped to make a secure and sturdy tread block. The biting edges improve traction on slush, snow, mud, and ice – even when it is freezing outside! Could this sound if you drive the Grand Cherokee in unimaginable winters? Further, the grip is improved with the large contact patch too.

Alpin HP will reduce any noise you may encounter on the road, and the comfort of the ride will be just superb, because the engineers used the Comfort Control Technology. The tread design is computer-optimized and it reduces noises and bumps on uneven surfaces, resulting in a pleasant, smooth ride.

Michelin warrants this tire for 25k miles of tread, which is amazing for a winter tire of high-performance.

Which winter tire is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our pick here is the Goodyear Winter Command as best winter tire for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This tire goes smoothly through water, which is a strong feature here. As far as grip goes, the grip on ice and snow is solid, precise, and strong! To follow up, the traction on wet roads, ice, and snow is just as excellent.

All-season, and touring tires

Yokohama YK-HTX

Yokohama YK-HTX


  • Quiet and comfy ride
  • All-season traction is outstanding
  • Wet traction and snow traction are superb
  • Long treadlife
  • Great warranty


  • For light off-road, it is not the best tire

Released back in 2014, the YK-HTX is made as an all-season tire primarily aimed for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers mostly. The team of engineers included innovative tread design features for lasting tread, better comfort of the ride, and good traction all year-round.

They even added the Orange Oil in the tread that pairs with silica, and the result is a tire that excels its performance on wet roads, but remains very pliable in the cold weather. Such compound also lets the tire have an even tread and extend its treadlife by far. In case you need a lasting quality of the tires for the Grand Cherokee, maybe consider this tire.

The contact patch is optimized and the sidewall improves the treadwear, and at the same time, it delivers a better resposiveness during steering. Handling is just as great in this case too. The shoulder blocks are adaptive and placed near the outer tread – they allow for silent comfort during the ride.

This tire really shines on wet pavements because of its tread compound and triple 3-D sipes. Thousand of sipes are added for a better bite on snow, rain, and ice, so you won’t be disappointed with the overall safety and stability at all.

On the inside, there are 2 steel belts with body of polyester that prolongs the durabilty and enhances the strength. YK-HTX is warranted for 70k miles.

Michelin Premier LTX

Michelin Premier LTX​


  • Wet traction
  • Good feel and ride quality with all speeds
  • Smooth and comfy ride
  • Quiet
  • Winter performance is very good


  • Seems there are no flaws here

Released in 2015, the Premier LTX by Michelin is the all-season tire made mostly for light duty vans, pickups, SUVs, and crossovers too, or all those that need great traction for all seasons, lengthy treadlife, and amazing comfort. With this tire on your Grand Cherokee, you won’t overthink on all-season performance.

The Premier LTX makes use of sunflower oil and silica too for the tread compound – they enhance the wet pavement grip. This, combined with the EverGrip technology does not disappoint, especially since it works well with the symmetric tread pattern too. Why is this important? Because the braking is much shorter than with other tires of the same class.

That same EverGrip is groundbreaking when it comes to all-season and touring tires. It makes the tread grooves wider and makes the new grooves open more as the tire wears more. So, in the end the final result is great wet and dry traction, which is amazing as the tire wears.

The braking and traction are very strong features with Premier LTX. Comfort is at a very good quality level, and there is minimal almost no noise.

The 2 steel belts are strengthened with polyamide cord that is spiral-wrapped and placed under the polyester casing – for extra durability and strength of the tire, safety and ride quality too. The responsiveness is excellent, of course.

Premier LTX is warranted for 60k miles.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus

Pirelli Scorpion Verde


  • Great performance
  • Handling and traction are great in various road conditions
  • Comfort
  • Broad variety of sizes


  • None so far noticed

This tire is something amazing because it primarily features an eco-friendly design overall, with its fuel saving features. It is an all-season tire for utmost comfort during the ride it provides, so let’s dive in more into the other features.

Scorpion Verde has a light weight and reduced rolling resistance, so it directly affects the fuel saving, and the carbon footprint too. The tread compound is enhanced with silica and shaped into an asymmetric tread to result in solid traction and grip in snow and wet roads. For the evenness of the tread, the tires have a good rubber-to-void ratio.

In wet conditions, the performance is improved with the 4 circumferential grooves that quickly and efficiently remove the water of the tire. Then, the high-density lateral sipes and the longitudinal sipes add to the safety and security even at high speeds in the winter time. With such a tire on the Grand Cherokee, you can feel safe in the winter months.

The durability and strength are enhanced with the 2 belts of steel and a polyester body. Scorpion Verde is warranted for 65k miles.

Which all-season & touring tire is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our pick here is the Michelin Premier LTX as the best all-season tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee.This tire has amazing wet traction, while at the same time the feel of the ride is outstanding, with enhanced comfort and overall great ride quality. The tire delivers a quiet, smooth ride, and the best thing is that it even has a great winter performance!

Summer tires

Michelin Diamaris 4×4

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 4


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Steering and handling
  • Comfort


  • Treadwear performance can be improved a bit

The Diamaris 4×4 is a summer tire that features modern designs of the tread, while it delivers great dry and wet traction. It was mainly deisgned with one thing in mind – performance. Diamaris 4×4 has advanced tread features that aim toward general solid perfromance.

The continuous center rib and grooving removes the water under the tire, so hydroplaning is prevented. In other words, if you need great wet performance while you drive the Grand Cherokee, this tire delivers it.

The performance with high-speed is further improved with the Michelin BAZ technology. Then, we have the uniform traction that shortens the stop-distance on both dry and wet roads. Such special and unique technology promotes good ride quality, and reduces the unevenness in the tread wear.

Diamaris 4×4 is warranted for 25k miles, or six years.

Continental CrossContact UHP

Continental CrossContact UHP


  • Cornering grip
  • Dry traction
  • Crips and precise steering
  • Ride quality stands out in this class


  • A bit more treadlife would be great

The CrossContact UHP is a tire made for great high-performance traction, as well as handling on wet and dry roads. The comfort is very good, and the tire is quite silent on the highway too.

The tread compound features advanced formula of silica that lessens the rolling resistance, while at the same time it improves the wet and dry pavement grip. The tread is assymetric and has sturdy outer blocks along a continuous center rib for high-speed stability. Also, cornering grip is ultimately increased, and the steering responsiveness is better overall. Try out this tire if you want utmost control over the road with the Grand Cherokee equipped with tires of this kind.

The lateral grooves and four circumferential grooves deliver great handling on wet roads and reduced hydroplaning risk. The braking is improved as well, so you know you have full control of the vehicle and road even when the weather is bad.

Inside, CrossContact UHP has 2 belts of steel with nylon reinforcement for longer durability, and longer treadlife with evenness in the tread wear. There is also a rim flange protector for keeping the rims safe from curb damage.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Best Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 5


  • Light-snow performance
  • Handling
  • Wet and dry road traction
  • Responsiveness and cornering grip


  • None major ones noticed so far

The Zero Asimmetrico by Pirelli is made with the goal of precision in the handling, and full control of the vehicle and road in all-year conditions, even some light-snow. The tread compound is all-season and paired with asymmetric design of the tread – providing improved traction and grip on wet and dry roads.

The outer shoulder ribs are notched, and the large tread blocks enable best high-performance along massive cornering power as well. The steering and responsiveness are nothing short of great too, so if you use these tires on the Grand Cherokee, these features will not disappoint, especially if you corner a lot and need quick responsiveness and firm security on the road.

The grip is further increased witn the special Z-shaped blocks.

Which summer tire is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our best pick here is Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico  as the best summer tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee. A summer tire that has light-snow winter performance? Yes, this tire has this amazing feature. The handling and responsiveness are at an exceptional level, plus, you can expect a very solid wet and dry traction as well.

What to focus on when you pick the best tires for Grand Cherokee?


Before you start the detailed search and browsing for tires, consider the climate in your living area. Based on temperature, the tire will have a difference in grip and traction. And, after this, set aside your budget, it will be practical if you need a price range for the tire purchase.

For example, all-terrain tires are a good choice if you plan on driving the Cherokee on literally all types of surfaces, for example boh on and off-road, of course. They are all-purpose, so they won’t be great for highway usage or exclusively pavement roads. Same goes for off-road usage only.

The snow tires are an essential type for harsh winters, especially if where you live the roads get icy and dangerous for driving. The snow tires offer solid stability for driving in snow, slush, icy roads, as well as freezing temperatures. Their grip edges and tread lessen the buildup of snow (which often leads to control loss!).

You would need all-season tires if you want to equip the Grand Cherokee with tires for year-round performance. These tires are very quiet, they have a long treadlife, and good performance all through the year. Their performance is versatile and they can handle very well the wet roads, as well as winter weather conditions. Think of them as a comibination of summer and winter tire.

Lastly, the summer tires (or also known as performance tires), are used for perfect wet and dry traction, and same quality handling too. They are used best in the hottest months of the year, so if you don’t have harsh winters, or normal winters at all where you live, summer tires are the ones for your Grand Cherokee.

First of all, let’s mention a few words for big tires to fit without a lift kit. In general, as we know, large tires are a normal equipment for a Jeep, mostly if your driving needs are off-road. Since there is no one definite answer, we will try to explain as much as we can. You surely want to know how to fit them? Well, cutting is one way, where you cut out the metal rubbing the tires. Next, cutouts of the fender flares, or even fiberglass fenders. 

And how big can these tires be for the Jeep? Based on stats by most users, we would say 265/65/18, 265/70-17 or even 265/70, 265/65 in most cases.


Jeep Grand Cherokee is a powerful vehicle that as any other vehicle, should be eqipped with suitable tires for ultimate performance of the vehicle, of course.

Organize your budget, and see what kind of climate is the most demanding in the area where you live. And, we hope we have helped you narrow down your choices for Grand Cherokee tires!

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