Why Should You Drive Slower at Night?

There are many reasons for night driving such as works, busy life, emergency, business. Obviously, you can still drive all night, but you should drive more slowly than you do during the daylight. 

If you are asking yourself “Why should you drive slower at night?”, the reason is restricted visibility. This article will explain why you should limit your speed and not overdrive your headlights when driving at night. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Drive Slowly at Night

Feel Tired

According to the biological clock, the night is the time to sleep. If you do not sleep, you will feel extremely exhausted.

When you intentionally drive during this time, unwanted accidents can occur. If you are driving at a very fast speed with limited visibility, there is a high risk of collisions.

Why Should You Drive Slower at Night? 1
Sleepiness is a dangerous factor while driving

Even if you feel normal, you should not drive fast at night. Because maybe other drivers are in a half-awake state. 

Besides, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself awake such as playing music, radio, or turning on the air conditioning.

Wanderer or Stray Animals

It can be said that this is a conspicuous situation in movies. But they also happen in real life. At night there are usually few people out in the street, so animals are more likely to appear.

Even when you are traveling on a freeway or an ordinary road, you have to be very careful. Some wandering animals like deer will interfere with your vision.

The Number of Drunk Drivers Increased

We all know that night is the end of the day. That was when the festivities were over. So, the number of drunken people driving on the road increased.

Why Should You Drive Slower at Night? 2
Drunken drivers cause many accidents annually

Although driving while you are drunk is never a good thing, there are mandatory circumstances. Different from the daytime, you will see more drunk people at night.

At this time, you must be very careful to avoid colliding with drunk drivers. Even if you drive slowly and obey traffic laws, these people could put you in danger.

The Rate of Arrest Increased

Whether it is day or night, driving at high speed can get you a ticket. Worse, you will be detained by the police if you cause an accident.

Wide and empty roads at night are the temptation to lure drivers to speed up. It has been reported that drivers are heavily arrested at night for driving at excessive speeds.

Damaged Vehicle

People who drive at night are very susceptible to vision restrictions. From there, the damage to the car is easy to increase. You will not be able to respond quickly to road obstacles (potholes, broken glass, open manholes) when you drive fast. Therefore, drive slowly to avoid this bad situation.

Difficult to Find Help

Because it is the night, the street is empty. You will be hard-pressed to find someone to help you outside of 911. And this will be even worse if you have problems on highways or country roads. 

Moreover, the broken car at night is a very bad thing because there will be no repair shop open.

6 Critical Tips for Night Driving

Aware of Dangers

Many dangers of driving exaggerate after dark. It is different from driving during the day as you require more caution and care. The advantage of night driving is that there are not many frighten motorists. However, some drunken motorists sometimes still appear. 

Therefore, you still need to be extremely aware of your surroundings and some obstacles. 

Learn About the High Beams and Headlights

You should ensure that you know how the high beams or headlights are operated. The manual of the vehicle may have information about instructions of using the high beams or where the apparatus to turn lights on and off is placed. 

You may also find the location of the cabin lights. Though you do not turn them on when driving, it is still a great idea to know in case you have an emergency. 

Why Should You Drive Slower at Night? 3
Headlights and high beams are important when driving

Besides, headlights tend to collect gunk and dirt over time, reducing their power. So, make sure you clean them frequently and keep the windshield clear as well. They all play an integral part in keeping everything visible when the night falls.

Moreover, you should turn on high beam lights to see obstacles even when you are far away. However, high headlights avoid using at close distances to cars traveling in the opposite direction of you. So, use them in the right situation.

Notice Street Signs

When driving at night, you will see that the signs are reflective. If you drive in a strange area, you have to pay much attention to seeing road markers and street signs. 

Reflective signs are easily seen if you drive at slow speed
Reflective signs are easily seen if you drive at slow speed

Avoid Distractions

As mentioned before, driving at night requires more focused attention. Therefore, you should keep distractions at the minimum level.

How do you do that? You have to get rid of your mobile phone or turn down the radio. If you have passengers, you can ask them to assist or not talk to you.

Be Conscious of Fatigue

Many people experience sleepiness, fatigue, or tiredness. This makes night driving more dangerous. In case you start feeling sleepy, you have to arrange for another person immediately to take the wheel. 

Beware of Animals

Almost accidents happened at night or in the early morning is due to animals, especially deer. So, you should take notice of the road and scan ahead periodically for animals. 

Keep Yourself and Other People Safe

Above is the answer to the question “Why should you drive slower at night?”. If you take all of them into account, you will be able to experience a safe night-time driving. 

For drivers, night driving is unavoidable. So, following the aforementioned safety tips while driving at night may reduce stress, making an enjoyable trip. 

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