Why are tires so expensive?

A car is quite expensive compared to other types of transport. The cost of a car its appearance is bigger than a motorbike. costs come from the structure and quality of the components. There are many things that make a car worth, from the engine system, the vacuum controller to the tire system. Tires are one of the most expensive parts of the car. The following article will give the reason why.

Basic structure of the tire
Basic structure of the tire

We often spend more money on something important. Let’s find out the value of the tires!

The role of tires

The tire is the intermediary connecting the vehicle and the road surface. The main function of the tire is to support the weight of the whole vehicle. Bearing the weight of the whole car, and have to friction with the road surface so the tires are very easy to damage.

Besides supporting the weight of the whole vehicle, the tires have to help the car move by the engine. It can say that tires are indispensable parts to help the car move.

The road surface is not always smooth, there are lots of bumpy and crooked sections. People designed tires to be able to absorb shocks on the road during the wheelchair. Thus, tires made from supple rubber and inflated by air.

When traveling on bumpy roads, the tires can customize according to the rubber layer. In return, if the tire made of hard materials such as cement or bricks, the tire will fail when the road is difficult.

System of air pipes in the tires

Inside the tires, there is a system of air pipes that always maintain the tire pressure. The air in the tires is always filled and stretched to a reasonable level, keeping the pressure stable. Only when the tire is full, can it withstand the load of the vehicle in the best way, can withstand bumps and damage.

Tires have the effect of damping, transmitting braking force and traction. It is also changing and maintaining steering direction. For a tire to work, you need to pay attention to the whole system of the tire pressure sensor. The tread also plays a very important role. It is not natural that the tire is not smoothened but has a pattern on it.

The tread or also known as the tread pattern works to keep the tires’ acts better on the different terrains. If you want to assess the quality of the tires, you have to measure the ability to tolerate temperatures. The main reason is that tires subject to the most pressure and friction.

Why are tires so expensive? 1
Tire surface is also known as tread

Tires are expensive because they are important

Tires play a very important role in helping the car to operate and keep balance. Without tires, it would not work. The car cannot lack tires, this is something everyone knows. In particular, tires must design in a circle and rubber to ensure operation for cars.

When choosing materials for tires, people also need to use the best materials and cost a lot of money. Because the main function of the tire is to keep the balance and withstand the load of the vehicle. Besides direct friction with the road surface, so it is very broken. A tire needs to be of good enough material to use without damage.

When the material is not good, the tire breaks down. If you often have to replace your tires, it will cost you a fortune. So, drivers often choose the tires of good material, although expensive, but it is worth it. Instead of using cheap tires, we should choose expensive but good quality tires.

Tires are expensive because their construction is very complicated

The process to make a tire is as complex as the process to make a smartphone. Before starting production, experts must find materials that are most suitable. To build a tire, people need 200 different components. The materials divided into five main components. If the components skewed, it will be impossible to complete the tire.

Up to the tire forming stage, there are up to nine small steps to complete the tire forming stage. Every step needs to done well. If one step is wrong, the tire maker will have to start over, even removing the unfinished tire. Making tires is a major investment. It is difficult from design to material selection and careful manufacturing.

Tires are expensive because every terrain and every vehicle needs the right kind of tire

Car tires are different from motorcycle tires. Racing tires are different from regular tires. Pick-up tires are different from four-seat car tires. There specialize tires for mountainous terrain and specialized tires for plain terrain. For each different function and effect, there will be appropriate types of tires.

For example, when people make a racing tire, people will focus on the frictional function of the tires. The material of the tires is also improved and more expensive than regular tires. The more expensive the tire, the more it has the function. High-class tires make it smoother, slip-resistant and reduce noise.

When meeting rough terrain (slippery roads), braking ability is also much better. On tight bends, tires will also help drivers steer their vehicles without overturning. Different functional tires will also have different manufacturing methods and materials. Tires are expensive in materials and manufacturing processes. The production process complicate. It requires expert knowledge and skills, so the price increases.

There is no amateur establishment that can produce its own tires. t needs a modern production line, applying advanced technology to produce good tires. It is not machined, experienced tire experts who are indispensable when making tires.

Tires expensive because of its material

The materials used to make a tire consist of many components. Including natural rubber. It is usually produced from Hevea Brasin. It is a very strong tree with a height of up to 30m and often grows well in tropical countries.

Hevea Basin rubber
Hevea Basin rubber is popular in nature

Although this is not a rare plant. When people always exploit without replanting. The chances of this tree disappearing in the wild are very high. It is necessary to have a plan of rational exploitation and maintenance of tree species. So the price of this natural material is not cheap.

Another type of material that is difficult to exploit and keep them good is Latex. Latex can only maintain stability within a few hours. So people need to add Latex to other solutions to prevent flocculation. To transport Latex to the factory, specialized containers and chemical concentrate used. Thus, the cost to exploit and transport Latex is quite expensive.


Thus, for a quality car, car tires will also be expensive. Good quality tires are definitely not going to be cheap. Using good tires will help you use the car longer. Also, when investing a lot of money on tires, you won’t have to take your car to a regular repair shop. 90% of the reason you take your car to a repair shop caused by tires.

This article has pointed out the reasons why automobile tires are so expensive. Hope you have enough knowledge about the tires. If you have any idea how expensive the tires are, comment below. Stay tune, we will comeback with others article.

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