How Many Hours Is It Safe To Drive In One Day?

Driving in many hours is not safe and may cause you many dangers. So, in order to keep yourself safe, you should find out how many hours it is safe to drive in one day.

Normally, the distance you go in a day depends on the combination of the number of hours you drive and the average speed you use.

So, once you have determined the number of hours you drive on the road, you can multiply it by the average speed you plan to go. From there you can calculate the distance you have traveled in a day.

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Drive for hours is not good

How Many Hours Should You Drive in A Day to Ensure Safety?

Advice from EU safety driving regulations

To ensure safety for yourself and your passengers, you should drive for a specified number of hours. Following the advice from EU safety driving regulations and the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, 9 hours is a safe time for all drivers.

Besides, if your trip is a short one such as within 1 to 2 days, you can increase the number of times to 10 hours a day. But you must make sure to increase the amount of rest time.

When it comes to driving, everyone has a specific limit on how far they can travel in a day. If you are accustomed to long-distance driving and travel with a companion, you should take turns. From then, you can take the longest distance together and remain safe.

You should not set a high distance goal for one day. If there are other factors such as rain and storms that delay your trip, you will also try to complete it, even if you feel extremely tired. This adversely affects your health and may cause unwanted accidents.

You can refer to some of the main rules for commercial drivers in the analysis below.

  • Do not drive more than 56 hours in a given week.
  • For no more than two weeks, drivers may not drive for more than 90 hours.
  • You can easily burn out after 4 to 5 hours of driving, so take at least 45 minutes to rest.

Advice from the USA safety driving regulations

In the United States, the Federal Transportation Safety Administration regulates service hours for commercial vehicles. You can also find more tips on appropriate driving hours here.

There are a few key points that can be summarized as follows:

  • According to FMCSA rules, drivers can carry passengers for up to 10 hours after an 8-hour break.
  • The number of driving hours is limited to 7 days to 60 hours.

We can do some simple calculations to estimate a reasonable distance. For example, if your average speed is 60 Mph when getting off the highway, one day the distance you can go will be over 500 miles.

Based on the average driving speed and the prescribed safety time, give yourself the most suitable distance.

What Should You Do If You Drive A Long-Distance?

When you drive a long distance, you need to take breaks for 45 minutes for every 4.5 hours. If you feel quite hard to focus on your driving, you should monitor your consciousness and take further breaks. The safest method is you can stop driving.

Quick advice is that you can eat healthily and stay hydrated or sleep sufficiently to avoid being tired on the road.

How Far Should You Drive In One Day?

If you are not used to long drives, you should know how far to drive in one day. In general, you can drive safely for about 500 miles, not including external factors such as traffic, tiredness, or slowing for tolls.

Here listed some factors impacting your drive.

Traffic, road conditions and tolls

Normally, you may often use Google maps for your journey. But you should add more 25% into the time length for stops or breaks.

Moreover, when planning the journey, you should take into account the toll roads, the traffic, the road conditions. They will make your travel more slowly than the prediction of the navigation app.

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Tolls may waste you 5 minutes at least

The time of day

Some people just want to complete driving in 9 hours for a long distance, but the important thing is you need to set off in the early morning. The reason is that you can drive mainly during the daylight and take proper breaks while you are most awake.

Therefore, if you tend to cove a long distance, you should set off by 8 a.m. at least.


The first thing you should check before preparing for the journey is the weather. For example, bad weather will cause you to move more slowly and waste your time during the day.

Inner-city driving

Driving in the city is different from that out of the city. Inner-city is often bustling and crowded, which consumes much of your time. So, arranging some trips outside the center may be the best way.

Traveling with children

Having kids with you in the car may influence massively on the distance you drive in one day.

First, children always need entertainment or attention, which means they may make you distracted or become tired soon. When you get worn out, you will not be able to drive safely.

Second, kids will require more frequent stops for snack top-ups and toilet breaks. Each extra stop will cost you more time. So, remember that if you go with kids, you cannot drive as far as you planned.

Final Thoughts

How many hours is it safe to drive in one day is very difficult to pinpoint as there are some factors to consider. So, the advice is that you should pay attention to each time you drive. From that, you can draw experience about when you feel tired or when you need a break.

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