Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Recommended & Reviews

If you are reading this, then of course you are searching for tips and advice on finding the best tires for your Toyota Tacoma, and we hope this guide will assist you.

Toyota Tacoma is maybe one of the more popular pickups of mid-size available out there, and it has some notable features and qualities. First, the reliability of the brand Toyota is brought here as well – you will see or you already know that these vehicles last a long time!

Then, the Toyota vehicle have extremely durable and solid chassis and this is well known. Third, the off-road capabilities and performance are just superb, especially for the TRD which is quality speaking of itself.

You can choose between many models of Tacoma, but one thing is certain – the right tires are a must! This vehicle is by default all-terrain, so it is normal to anticipate using it often in demanding terrains and surfaces. So, by logic, without suitable tires, you could get stuck!

And what about comfort and driving performance? With the best tires you can find, you will not experience any off-road problems, and there will be great traction, good handling, and good pavement grip even too. Don’t worry – comfort and silence are a part of this benefit-package too.

Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma

Off-road/all-terrain tires

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02


  • Durable and tough tread
  • Wet, dry, and snow traction
  • Off-road performance
  • Treadlife


  • None worthy to mention as flaws

This tire, T/A K02 belongs to the generation no.4 in the lineup of all-terrain tires of this brand, and it was launched around 15 years ago. It was primarily aimed at Jeep, pickup trucks, and SUVs, and its use is for off-road conditions and all terrains, thus providing amazing control on the road because it has good traction on all weather conditions and sturdy durability.

The sidewall is made of rubber that is much thicker than other versions previously. This tire is durable and strong because it has 2 steel belts with added nylon, as well as cord sidewall ply of polyester. The compound is computer-optimized for the all-terain pattern and interlocking tread blocks. This tread design improves the icy and wet performance.

On mud, it has a 10% better traction, andon snow whole 19% better traction! T/A K02 also has side biter lugs (sidewall rubber blocks) for better mud and snow traction. Raised bars in the shoulder tread area improve the muddy and soft soil traction. Isn’t this good news for your Toyota Tacoma?

T/A K02 also has a snowflake/mountain logo so it can be good for usage in the winter too, especially with the 3-D sipes for ice and snow grip. Usually, all-terrain tires lack comfort for the driver, but T/A K02 is different. Noise and vibrations are almost minimum, there is good stability due to the footprint features here.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Nitto Terra Grappler G2


  • Longer treadlife
  • On-road performance is impressive
  • Snow traction and off-road traction are amazing


  • Extremely tough off-road is a bit flawed

The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 has latest technologies used and is great if you need on and off-road features. Good for daily rides, heavy load pulling, even country terrains, this tire offers versatility and all-terrain quality.

The tread compound is for increase in the off-road toughness and prolonging the treadlife. The tread pattern is like the original with sipes of full-depth for more wet road traction, but also ice and snow traction.

There is an extra bite for mud, dirt, sand and similar terrain, with the staggered shoulder lugs. They also add more resistance to punctures from debris and rocks. The tread blocks are rigid for better traction, stability, and control, due to the coupling joints.

Nitto’s team took care of the noise level and made this tire pleasurable and silent with a variable pitch tread design for reducing noises. With these tires, you might just enjoy a comfy and quiet ride with the Tacoma!

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro


  • Wet and snow surface handling
  • Off-road performance (mostly on rockis amazing)
  • Aggressive and sturdy tread design
  • Treadlife


  • Not very affordable for some; pricey

The STT Pro is the latest addition of the Cooper off-road lineup. We will see how and why this tire is great for even the roughest off-road surfaces, and still it keeps a good on-road performance at the same time.

It features carbon black tread and silica too, along 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 (protection) keeping the tire safe from trees, debris, or rock damages. The protection here was increased by 50% over the other tires. There is additional traction and grip with the sidebiters and the outer sidewalls too.

This tire is amazing for dealing with dirt, fallen trees, rock, sand, and similar debris quite easily. The Cooper team also spent some time in adding extra mud dimples on the lugs for cleaning mud and for better deep muck traction. So, if you need to use the Tacoma in harsh road conditions, these tires would pull through.

STT Pro looks aggressive, but is quite quiet on the road, and it cancels any noise there any be. Jarring effects of bumps and potholes are also reduced.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Radial

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Recommended & Reviews 1


  • Amazing for harsh off-road conditions
  • Innovative and unique technology for all surfaces and weather conditions
  • Durability
  • All-year round usage


  • Sidewalls could be prone to splitting
  • Needs to come in more sizes

The Baja ATZ is made for rugged and tough terrains, but it also performs really good on-road as well, much better than other tires in this class perhaps. With self-cleaning design, this tire can also handle a lot, so you can use these for your Toyota Tacoma in snow, mud, ice, grass, and sand too.

Baja ATZ can also withstand well the gravel and rocky roads too with the unique stone ejector technology for rocks and debris removal, for solid traction and great grip. The radial construction will make the wear even over time too.

Which off-road tire is the best tire here?

Our pick, as best off-road tire, based on least flaws would be the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02. It has a very durable and sturdy tread, and is amazing for off-road purpose! Treadlife is long and it seems there are no flaws here.

Mud tires

Nitto Mud Grappler

Nitto Mud Grappler


  • Great performance on sand, mud, rocks, snow, and all rugged surface terrains
  • Side lugs of 15 mm for puncture resistance and better traction
  • Self-cleaing (dirt and mud)
  • Treadlife is long-lasting


  • Pricey

Mud Grappler is the latest addition in the off-road mud performance tires of Nitto, and is great for usage on dirt, mud, gravel, sand, snow, rocks and similar. It was primarily made for SUVs and light trucks, and it has a tread pattern with a special raptor-claw design of tread. Also, side-lugs for puncture resistance and traction on rocks and mud.

The grooves prevent slipping and improve traction, and the tire is safe from mud and dirt due to the high void ratio. On slush and deep snow. the traction is ok because the engineers added extra sipes near the tread.

You can expect an incredibly solid and strong tread design from the Mud Grappler. On the inside, there are wide belts of steel with nylon plies to add more strength and stability when you speed with the Tacoma. The polyester body prolongs the durability and the responsiveness of steering.

Hankook DynaPro MT RT03

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Recommended & Reviews 2


  • Traction in snow and all terrains too
  • Self-cleaning
  • Treadlife lasts long
  • Good value for the money


  • Wet traction can be better

DynaPro MT RT03 by Hankook was made for off-road mud driving if you seek best performance on all terrain types, and still keeping the good on-highway maneuvering

The tread blocks improve the sand, dirt, mud, and gravel traction, and the tread voids prevent debris and mud gettin in, so it is self-cleaning. Damage is prevented with the sidewall rubber enhancement.

The grip and snow traction are also great. There are no tread sipes, but the tire goes smoothly through snow. However, ice and wet roads are a big weakness with DynaPro MT RT03, and you can also put studs on the tread in case you use the Toyota Tacoma on ice and snow.

There isn’t much noise because of the unique design of the tread. Inside there are the double steel belts with nylon – for durability and sturdiness. Treadlife is also very good.

General Grabber X3

General Grabber X3


  • Good maneuvering
  • Treadlife
  • Triple ply construction for toughness
  • Off-road performance
  • Good value/price


  • Not extremely smooth or too silent when speeding

After 3 full development years, General Grabber X3 was released back in 2016 in September. This tire comes in many sizes, and is made for SUVs, 4×4 vehicles, jeeps, and trucks, i.e., for Toyota Tacoma too!

It was named X3 because it has outstanding performance on rocks, but also mud, and dirt as well. This tire was tested more than 2 million times, so it has to feature the latest technologies for extreme terrains, and that’s really the case.

X3 features a tread which is resistant to damages, it has a triple ply construction, and sturdy belts of steel with aggressive tread for the most extreme terrains. For off-road, the open tread pattern provides amazing dirt, gravel, sand, and mud traction, and the tire cleans itself.

As far as noise goes, you can hear some minimal sounds.

Which mud tire is the best tire here?

Our pick is Nitto Mud Grappler. Amazing for snow, rocks, sandy roads, but also muddy ones and all harsh ones! Don’t fear puncures with this tire, and remember, it is self-cleaning too. Might be pricey, but this is the worth of great quality.

All-season tires

Hankook Optimo H727

Hankook Optimo H727


  • Dry traction
  • Steering and responsiveness
  • Silent and comfy
  • Snow, ice, and rain traction
  • Warranty


  • Handling could use slight improvement
  • Balance can be enhanced too

The Hankook Optimo H727 is a tire for all-season usage and it is suitable for minivans, sedans, coupes, and crossovers too. In other words, besides these vehicles, this tire is the best tire for you if you need good handling of all weather conditions, as well as comfort.

On wet roads, ice, and snow, the Tacoma will perform amazing with these tires. The steering and cornering are improved with the lateral slots and continuous center rib. And, on the inside, the tire has the dual steel belts with nylon for durability and handling.

 Optimo H727 comes warranted for 100.000 miles of tread.

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Recommended & Reviews 3


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Smooth ride and comfort
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Fuel economy
  • Treadlife


  • Winter traction could use improvement

The CS Fuel Max has a tread compound that saves on fuel. So, with such compounds, the rolling resistance is lowered, and this affects the fuel economy, so you will save money as well.

CS Fuel Max has 2 tread zones. First, the Dry Tread Zone with sturdy and strong shoulder blocks, plus a continuous center rib for better steering, good responsiveness, and enhanced stability on all speeds. Shoulder blocks here further improve the cornering performance on wet and dry roads.

Then, the Wet Tread Zone has the unique Dual Aqua Channel grooves of Goodyear, and they are placed all around the tread. With these grooves the water is removed from the tire, hydroplaning risk is reduced, and wet traction is really enhanced. There are also many sipes for adding biting edges around the tire – this is great for winter grip and snow traction.

On the inside, CS Fuel Max features double steel belts with nylon, and a body of polyester. All together it’s tread durability and strengthd. CS Fuel Max comes warranted for 65k miles of tread, and is available in sizes 16 to 19 inches.

Revv up the Toyota Tacoma even after rain!

Yokohama YK-HTX

Yokohama YK-HTX


  • All-season traction is outstanding (best on wet roads and snow)
  • Quiet and comfy
  • Long treadlife
  • Warranty


  • Not the greatest for off-road

This tire was released back in 2014 in the summertime, and it is an all-season type, suitable for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers too. The team introduced some new features and designs here that resulted in better and longer treadlife, as well as great comfort, and traction.

The tread compound is enriched with ‘orange oil’ by Yokohama, along some silica too. The outcome is a tire ready for wet weather conditions, and when it’s cold, it is pliable. This same compound also enables even wear and longer treadlife.

The contact patch is optimized, and the tire’s sidewall improves the overall treadwear, boosts the handling, and responsiveness too. Then, wet roads is one thing where this tire excels because of the tread, and the 3-D sipes. These sipes increase the bite for snow, ice, rain, and also enhance the stability too. Bad weather conditions don’t have to be a problem for the Tacoma here.

This tire is warranted for 70k miles of tread, and it comes in sizes 15 to 20 inches.

Michelin LTX M/S 2

Michelin LTX M/S2


  • Wet and dry road traction
  • Handling
  • Steering and responsiveness
  • Comfort
  • Treadlife


  • Could be hard to find it

So far Michelin proved to be a great brand for all-season tires, so it should be the case with the LTX M/S 2 as well. This tire is an all-season tire made for vans, SUVs, trucks.

The M/S 2 has the best and latest tread design additions and has a compound of tread with silica for longer treadlife, and shorter braking. The tread design is symmetric, and the tire has Active Sipes 3-D for amazing dry road and wet road performance, as well as good handling.

Regardless if there is snow, water, or slush on the road, there are 4 circumferential grooves that combined with the tread, expel the excess water that’s under the tire. In this process the lateral grooves and the shoulder slots help out as well, and enhance the grip and traction too.

Further, there is a tread contact patch for even acceleration, cornering and braking too. Additionally, the responsiveness and steering are just as great, and there is almost no road noise. If you wanted silent tires for the Tacoma, these could be the ones.

Inside, there are two belts of steel with nylon-reinforcement for more durability and strength. M/S 2 comes warranted for 70k miles of tread.

Which all-season tire is the best tire here?

Our pick is the Michelin LTX M/S 2. This tire seems to have it all – from wet and dry traction, to quietness and comfort, precise braking and handling, steering and response is top-notch, and there is great treadlife and warranty as well! The only ‘catch’ could be that it is complex to find it…

Winter tires

BFGoodrich Commercial T/A

BFGoodrich Commercial T/A


  • Wet, dry, and snow road traction
  • Steering and respnsiveness
  • Comfort and silence
  • Treadlife is long


  • Ice handling

The Commerical T/A by BFGoodrich is the all-season tire for some serious all-year performance and traction, even in harsh winters! Suitable for vans, and light-medium duty pickups, so they can carry heavy loads, offer you good comfort and keep up a long treadlife.

The tread compound is all-season and has a footprint enhancing the overall treadlife and performance. There is also a feature Cool Wedge that cools the tire to maintain the treadlife and prolong it!

Commerical T/A is great on wet and dry pavement, but it is also in harsh winters too. The tread is good fit for off-road too, and the carcass that is not prone to punctures. Oon the inside, there are double belts of steel reinforced with nylon for more durability for when the Tacoma carries heavy loads.

Lastly, Commerical T/A is warranted for 50k miles of tread.

Cooper Evolution Winter

Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable


  • Studdable
  • Braking
  • Ice and snow performance


  • Not major ones to mention for now

In 2018, the Evolution line of tires had a new addition, the Cooper Evolution Winter, the brand’s latest winter tire that’s studdable. Suitable for sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers too. This tire has amazing handling, excellent traction, and great acceleration and braking on ice and snow.

Evolution Winter has tread of silica with a highly-optimized tread pattern featuring the Snow-Groove technology for amazing grip in hard-pack, deep snow, and slush. The engineers had put focus on the performance, but also the quietness and comfort too.

This is a studdable tire, which is convenient for the harsh winters. It can accept studs size #11 for enhanced traction, and is available in 48 sizes.

Why not equip the Tacoma with these?

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Pirelli Scorpion Winter


  • Comfort and silence
  • Eco-friendly
  • Acceleration in-snow


  • Treadwear is slightly uneven
  • Handling, braking, and traction on snow would need slight improvement

The Scorpion Winter by Pirelli is the winter tire suitable for SUVs, sport pickups, and crossovers. It has amazing handling even in the harshest winters! The design has enhanced braking, improved performance, and cornering, and this applies to slush, ice, and snow.

If you are eco-oriented, it is good to know that  Scorpion Winter has Eco-impact logo, and it means it is eco-friendly. Besides this logo, it also has the Mountain Snowflake, so it is superb on deep snow. Put these on the Toyota Tacoma remember that you save the environment too!

The tread compound is made of polymer and lots of silica, which keep up the flexibility of the tire when temperatures get too low, and grip on wet roads must be perfect.

Like otherwinter tires, there are sturdy shoulders for cornering and winter grip. The Pirelli team added a ridge design for better and stronger ice and snow bite.

In the context of the eco-friendly, noise is also reduced a lot, and comfort is great and smooth.

Which winter tire is the best tire here?

Our pick is the Cooper Evolution Winter. It is amazing to know that a winter tire is studdable, because you cannot predict the winter in advance. This tire is studdable, and it shows the best braking and ice/snow performance you can get. Plus, no flaws seemed to show so far.

Summer tires

Pirelli P Zero Rosso

Pirelli P Zero Rosso


  • Cornering
  • Dry traction is great
  • Comfort during the ride
  • Steering responsiveness and stability


  • Pricey
  • Treadlife can be improved

Zero Rosso by Pirelli was made for those serious about driving like dedicated enthusiasts, with comfort, and control on the road. This tire was used as original equipment for luxury sedans and sport coupes. It was made with directional and asymmetric tread patterns, so you can combine or choose one for rear and front axle.

The silica tread is high-performance and has the latest features for wet and dry roads. The engineers added Aramid Pulp for tread hardening. This will give you a better stability and traction when you step on the gas in the Tacoma. Plus, it will prolong the treadlife as well.

The intermediate and large shoulder blocks are combined for cornering and grip on all surfaces. The tread is made with light materials great for control and stability when speeding.

Then, we have the independent rib blocks, and circumferential grooves for preventing hydroplaning and improving wet traction. The comfort is another factor of excellence here. Noise is reduced a lot, which is very obvious.

And, on the inside we have two belts of steel and reinforcement ‘PenTec’ cord. This special cord lessens the weight and increases stability on high speeds.

Michelin XPS Rib

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Recommended & Reviews 4


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Cornering and stability
  • Treadwear
  • Comfort and silence


  • Handling and traction in winter

This tire was made for excellent wet and dry handling and traction, and at the same time for heavy loads. The XPS Rib is suitable for trucks, both heavy-duty or medium, and it delivers great comfort and silence.

The tread compound is tough, the casing is steel, so this tire will surely handle anything on its way, and especially heavy loads. The design of the tread provides good traction and solid cornering and stability on wet or dry roads. Also, the steering and responsiveness are enhanced too.

XPS Rib is the original equipment on some vans and heavy-duty trucks, so it gets more and more popular as replacement, and this is largely because of the treadlife. The 3 belts of steel along the tread design, promote evenness in treadwear, but also resistance to punctures, and more strength too.

The XPS Rib also has low rolling resistance with the special tread compound for more fuel-saving. Another way the tires on the Tacoma can impact the enrivonment and your budget!

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


  • Precision in steering
  • Great cornering grip
  • Wet and dry traction
  • Treadlife


  • Nothing notable

Ever since 2017, this tire was a replacement tire for the Pilot Super Sport, so you can expect high-quality performance here.

The best features of the other tires of Michelin are implemented here in Sport 4S, for example we have the precise steering, excellent grip, and stability, but also grip on wet and dry pavement.

The tread pattern is asymmetric and silica-enhanced, so this improves the dry road handling. There is more; like superb acceleration performance and wet braking usually expected from such a tire. 

The Dynamic Response Technology by Michelin adds more quality to the steering and responsiveness, stability and grip on cornering. Additional interesting fact: Pilot Sport 4S is also a OE fit for over 60 vehicles worldwide, all high-performance! This says a lot about the tire, and it might seem good for Toyota Tacoma, would you agree?

Pilot Sport 4S comes in sizes from 18 to 20 inches, and with a warranty for 30k miles of tread.

Which summer tire is the best tire here?

Our pick is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. If you want precise steering and great cornering grip, this is it, this is the tire you need. Plus, dry and wet traction are very good, and treadlife is great too. No flaws here so far.

What to look for when you search for the best tires for Toyota Tacoma?

Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma

It is a good thing to think in advance, because there’s no other way. Sometimes, depending on your driving habits, or the area where you live in, there is a need for specialized tires.

For example, the Toyota Tacoma would need off-road tires if you often drive off the trail. The wheels now have to face some road challenges. The off-road wheels still require some dry and wet road grip, but they have extra features like off-road grip, resistance to punctures, as well as load ratings.

If you often drive the Tacoma off-road, but on muddy roads, loose soil, jaded rocks, or sand, then you need mud tires. These tires have large tread blocks, and also deep, wide voids in between for handling that off-road surface excellently. The voids in this tire remove the mud, debris, or gravel while spinning.

Then, all-season tires are needed when you don’t live in areas of extremely harsh winters, and these tires offer many features and capablities, like good performance in both dry and wet conditions, and even good traction on light snow only.

If you live in an area where the winters are pretty much rough and harsh, then the Tacoma needs winter tires, like for example if the temperature where you live easily reach 45 degrees F (during winter). Winter tires will get you through ice and snow, and since they have a larger gap than other types, they have great snow and ice traction.

And lastly, you want to look for summer tires (performance tires) if you want perfect wet and dry traction, without sacrificing the handling. They can be used in warmer months, which means they are not the best fit for harsh winter areas.

So, without too much prolonging, let’s see the best tires for Toyota Tacoma, classified into the categories below.


If you have invested in Toyota Tacoma, you surely wouldn’t risk its performance by investing in whatever tires you can find. Every season needs special tires, but Tacoma is something specific, so, with our tire guide, we hope we have helped you invest in the best tires for it..

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