Best Tires for Ford Escape: What are the Options?

Most of the drivers out there would never replace the sporty cars they have, and in general, the public has already turned to crossovers and compact SUVs. This is as such because all of these vehicles are a good minivan replacement, with more room inside, and they look kinda cool too.

One such popular crossover is the Ford Escape. It was designed primarily for those with families, thus bringing enjoyment for the drive, and good performance as well. Still, this vehicle has a lot of power in it, and to unlock it, you must install the right tires here. The problem is that one set of tires will not have all the features you require. What is good in one set, is lacking in another. With some tires you can use the Ford Escape on lengthy family trips, and with some you can do wild cornering!

There are too many tires out there, so we understand if it’s a bit complicated to choose the right tires. Forget about brands for a second, and think of types. You always decide about the tire type according to the climate of your area, as well as what performance you expect of them and the car. Before we decide on the best tires for Ford Escape, let’s first define the types of tires you might need.

Best tires for Ford Escape


Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Michelin Defender LTX M/S


  • Treadlife
  • Tread component toughness
  • Traction for all-season use (and light snow)
  • Good value for the price


  • Might be a bit expensive

This tire was made for SUVs and full-size pickups too, and it offers amazing traits seen in the original Defender with same tread depth and tread design (for trucks and SUVs).

Here we have an all-season compound that works with the Evertread technology by Michelin – it resists wear and damage when the road conditions are challenging, and there is also great performance with heavy payload. The engineers used a tread that supposedly lasts 10% longer than other tires of the same class. Truth be told, Defender LTX handles heavy loads pretty well, so if you need this for the Ford Escape, keep on reading.

The best features with this tire is the contact between the rubber and the road. The wet, dry, and snow traction are just amazing! Defender LTX stops after a very short time when it comes to wet or light-snow roads as well.

The tread has 4 circumferential grooves with sipes of full-depth that improve the grip on snow and rain. This is all impressive, but wait until you hear that the ride is smooth, quiet, and comfy! You won’t hear any noise here, even when the road is uneven or grooved.

Inside, this tire has the MaxTouch Construction for even distribution of forces during braking, speeding up, and cornering too, along with low rolling resistance and a lengthy treadlife.

The tire is available in sizes 15 to 22 inches, and is warranted for 70k miles of tread.

Yokohama YK-HTX

Yokohama YK-HTX


  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • All-season traction, especially on light snow and wet roads
  • Comfortable
  • Lasting treadlife
  • Warranty


  • Not great for average off-road usage

The YK-HTX by Yokohama is the tire released back in 2014, as an all-season tire for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. This time, the engineers used a few innovations in the design features to make the tread last longer, improve the comfort, and increase the traction all year round.

The tread compound has orange oil along some silica, and the result of this is great performance on wet roads, and very cold temperatures that require pliability. Such a compound allows for a much better wear of the tire, and prolonged treadlife as well.

The contact patch is optimized here, and the sidewall further improves the treadwear while adding quality to the handling and steering responsiveness. The shoulder blocks are adaptive, and they contribute to the smoothness and quietness of the drive. In other words more pleasant, and long journeys with the Ford Escape!

YK-HTX excels on wet roads because of the tread compound it has. This is also enhanced with the 3-D sipes, and many other added sipes too for better bite on snow, ice, and rain. With this comes a much better performance, safety, and overall stability.

On the inside, YK-HTX has 2 belts of steel with cord body of polyester for more durability and strength. The tire is available in sizes 15 to20 inches, and is warranted for 70k miles of tread.

 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3


  • Treadlife
  • Wet and dry traction
  • Stability and cornering grip
  • Steering responsiveness


  • The comfort can be slightly improved

The latest addition to the lineup of all-season tires by Michelin, is the Pilot Sport A/S 3+. This tire was launched in March, 2016, and is made for all drivers of coupes, sedans, sporty cars too, and all those that need good wet and dry traction, performance, and cornering grip.

The team of Michelin used the Helio+ compound with lots of silica that matches the unique, and aggressive tread pattern which is asymmetric. Exactly this type of pattern here enhances the handling, wet, and dry traction throughout the whole year. Additionally, there is the Variable Contact Patch 3.0 for heat distortion, and this is well combined with the tread to increase the responsiveness and cornering grip on all speeds. No matter how much or little you speed up the Ford Escape, these features will not lose quality.

The tread compound has a lot of silica that is paired with the circumferential grooves and thick sipes – all resulting in better braking, acceleration, and wet traction. The stopping time with this tire (for both wet and dry roads) is supposedly much shorter than with other tires of the same class.

The snow traction is improved by whole 28% better, thanks to the Helio+ Compound and the tread biting edges. Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is available in sizes 16 to 20, and it comes with a warranty for 45k miles.

Which is the best all-season tire for Ford Escape?

Our best pick here is the Michelin Defender LTX M/S. This tire is incredibly tough and sturdy, so its component is quite durable as you may imagine. The treadlife is excellent, and the traction is just as flawless, withstanding even light snow. Overall, great value for the price it has.

Touring tires

Continental CrossContact LX20

Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology


  • Responsiveness
  • Solid cornering
  • Snow, wet, and dry traction
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Warranty


  • Some minor vibrations are noticed

This tire was made for ultimate performance on the highway during all seasons, and it features an EcoPlus technology, so this is a tire suitable for all crossovers, pickups, and SUVs.

The tread compound is eco-friendly and has special polymers with Silance+ additives too – these things improve the traction and treadwear, but also they add some additional fuel mileage! The independent tread blocks, and continuous center rib make the dry road grip stronger, and at the same time they enhance the steering responsiveness.

Then, there are 4 circumferential grooves added to the symmetric design of the tread, combined with Traction Grooves for the snow and wet road traction. These same grooves reduce the noise and give you a smoother ride overall. You will definitely enjoy a quiet ride with the Ford Escape on the road!

On the inside, LX20 has 2 belts of steel with polyamide wrapped spirally, to add to the durability, sturdiness, and treadlife too. This tire is available in sizes 16 to 18 inches, and it comes with a rim protector too.

LX20 is warranted for 70k miles of tread.

Michelin Premier LTX

Michelin Premier LTX​


  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Good feel on all speeds
  • Wet traction
  • Winter performance


  • No flaws so far

The Premier LTX by Michelin is the tire launched back in 2015, as a touring tire for all-season use, and is a suitable tire for light duty vans, crossovers, pickups, and SUVs. Basically, for all those that seek good comfort, traction, and lengthy treadlife.

This tire features silica and sunflower oil for the tread compound, and this affects the wet road grip. Additionally, there is the EverGrip technology with the symmetric tread pattern as well. The EverGrip is stunning for this class of tires. What it does is widening of the tread grooves and letting new grooves open up over time. The outcome is good wet and dry traction.

The braking and traction are strong features here, and there is almost no noise or sounds as well. This tire seems to really deliver an enjoyable ride for the Ford Escape. Mostly, it is due to the two steel belts with polyamide strengthening and a polyester casing. There is strength, durability, and safety with this tire.

This tire is available in sizes 16 to 22 inches, and is warranted for 60k miles.

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Comfy and smooth ride
  • Low rolling resistance (fuel economy)
  • Treadlife


  • There could be some improvement in the winter traction

The Assurance CS Fuel Max by Goodyear has an all-season tread that helps you save on fuel  with its low-rolling resistance, resulting in an overall better fuel economy for saving money! Along with this, there are the special tread zones, for example Dry Tread zone. This one has strong shoulder blocks combined with a continuous center rib for sturdiness, responsiveness, and stability on all speeds. You can now rev up the Ford Escape without sacrificing the quality of the ride,or the performance on wet and dry roads!

The Wet Tread Zone has the Dual Aqua Channel grooves near the tread, and they remove excess water, thus reducing the hydroplaning risks. The sipes add extra biting edges for the winter performance, or snow traction.

Then, there are the 2 belts of steel with nylon strengthening and polyester inside – they add durability and strength. This tire is available in sizes 16 to 19 inches.

Assurance CS Fuel Max is warranted for 65k miles of tread.

Which is the best touring tire for Ford Escape?

Our best pick here is the Michelin Premier LTX. This tire will offer an outstanding ride with a superb and sophisticated comfort that will not change when you change speeds. The wet traction is amazing, and winter performance does not disappoint.

Winter tires

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Durability and toughness
  • Snow and ice traction
  • Grip, handling, and braking


  • Treadwear
  • Cornering grip on dry roads

The Ultra Grip Winter by Goodyear is the winter tire for ultimate grip, traction, and handling in the winter months. This tire is a good fit for coupes, sedans, minivans, and small crossovers too. Without a doubt, with Ultra Grip Winter on your Ford Escape, you will go smoothly through ice, snow, freezing rain, rain, and hard-pack. This is exactly what you need from a winter tire, right?

The hydroplaning resistance and winter traction are largely enhanced with the studdable tread pattern combined with numerous biting edges. The wide tread grooves prepare you well for possible rain or snow by removing slush and water from the tire.

Ultra Grip Winter has the 3-peak logo of mountain/snowflake, and it can receive metal studs #12 for hard-pack and ice. This tire has deep tread and strong shoulder blocks that increase the treadlife.

Lastly, Ultra Grip Winter comes in sizes 14 to 19, and there is a limited warranty too.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Michelin X-Ice Xi3


  • Wet and dry handling
  • Comfortable and silent
  • Ice and snow traction
  • Treadlife


  • Ice traction during cornering can be better

The 3rd edition in the winter tires lineup by Michelin is the X-Ice Xi3 tire. It was designed for crossovers, minivans, coupes, and sedans too, and it delivers amazing winter performance on ice and snow.

The tread compound has the Flex-Ice formula with silica that adds to the flexibility and the ice and snow performance. This is especially seen when temperatures are below freezing, when the tire keeps the firmness for better stability and handling on dry and wet roads as temperatures slowly stabilize. Equip the Ford Escape with X-Ice Xi3 and you will not be caught off-guard by the harsh winters! Additionally, there is the GreenX technology for low-rolling resistance and saving up.

The tread pattern removes slush and water from the tire, so hydroplaning won’t be a risk here. The Unique Cross Z Sipes improve the stability and strengthen the wet and dry road grip.

X-Ice Xi3 literally excels on ice and snow. The tread blocks work with the Micro-Pumps for the ice and snow performance. Additionally, the Cross Z Sipes add biting edges for ice and hard-pack, as well as shorter stopping distances, such as in this case, 10% shorter time for braking.

Inside, there are the 2 belts of steel with nylon – for durability and sturdiness, and stability on all speeds. The polyester body increases the stability and comfort too. X-Ice Xi3 comes in sizes 15 to 18 inches, and the warranty covers 40k miles of tread.

Continental VikingContact 7

Continental VikingContact 7


  • Wet road traction
  • Slush, snow, and ice grip
  • Tread pattern with latest technologies
  • Great performance in harsh winters


  • Some minor rolling noise is noticed
  • Some studded tires perform better on ice

This brand was founded back in 1871, and so far it is one of the few leading brands of amazing-quality tires. In fact, Continental were the first ones to make the patterned, tubeless, and grooved tire.

Now, the VikingContact 7 is a high-quality winter tire featuring the latest technologies and promising an excellent winter performance. This tire is a studless type made for snow and ice primarily. It enhances the grip, thus ensuring safety on the road even in most problematic winter conditions. With such a tire on the Ford Escape, you will drive calmly knowing that you are safe, and comfortable too.

With VikingContact 7, you will be amazed from the traction on slush, snow, ice, and similar. The wet grip is just as great, and combines with the dry road handling at the same time. Then, canola oil is used for the tread compound and it contributes to the adaptability and flexibility on ice and snow. The same tread pattern has a special rubber with grooves that remove water and slush from the tire.

In this context, the rubber with silica improves the braking and wet grip, thus resulting in amazing traction on all speeds. The stability is mainly due to the block bridges and links that additionally remove water and slush even more. The thick sipes hold snow for a better grip and performance overall.

VikingContact 7 has the 3-peak mountain/snowflake logo, and is available in sizes 15 to 20 inches.

Which is the best winter tire for Ford Escape?

Our best pick here is the Michelin X-Ice Xi3. Another of the Michelin group has more pros than cons. The Xi3 secures the quiet and comfy ride, and its handling on dry and wet roads is impeccable. The snow and ice traction are excellent – as you would expect from a winter tire. Also, treadlife is another great feature.

High-performance tires

Yokohama Parada Spec-X

Yokohama Parada Spec-X


  • Wet and dry traction
  • Cornering
  • Crisp steering and responsiveness
  • Smooth and comfy ride


  • Winter handling can be better

Parada Spec-X by Yokohama is a sport tire that is designed for SUVs, high-performance trucks, and even muscle cars. It is also made as an inch-up fitment so it can find it in sizes from 17 to 30 inches and you are not limited to the fitments in this case.

The tread compound is all-season and shows off an aggressive tread pattern for a stunning look, better acceleration, as well as braking on wet roads. Further this is reinforced with shoulder blocks and 2 center ribs that affect the steering responsiveness with more stability, and firmer grip on cornering.

When it is raining outside and the roads are wet, the Parada Spec-X makes use of the circumferential groove and the lateral grooves of the tire that gather the water and remove it from the surface. This is crucial for prevention of hydroplaning, so if you live in an area with lots of rainfall, consider these for the Ford Escape.

The road noise is reduced due to the variable tread pitch technology, which also increases the comfort. On the inside, there are 2 belts of steel strengthened with nylon for longer durability. The cord body from polyester makes the comfort even better than it already is. And the rim protector keeps the wheels safe from curb damages and similar.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


  • Strong cornering grip
  • Sharp and precise steering
  • Wet and dry traction
  • Treadlife


  • Nothing major, except maybe harsh winter performance

The 2017 addition to the Michelin tires was the Pilot Sport 4S, which brings high-performance tire features to a completely new level. With this tire, the best things from a few Michelin models are combined; for excellent stability, precise steering, and amazing grip on wet and dry pavement.

The tread pattern is asymmetric and has silica added to it for better handling on dry roads, improved braking performance, and stronger acceleration performance. This seems like a truly powerful ultra-high performance tire that would make your Ford Escape a completely equipped vehicle. Do not doubt the stability and cornering grip, because they are both flawless.

Pilot Sport 4S is also an original equipment for more than 60 vehicles worldwide, so this is another confirmation of the good reputation it has already. You can find this tire in sizes 18 to 20 inches, and it comes with a warranty for 30k miles of tread.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico


  • Handling and control
  • Light-snow performance
  • Traction and grip on wet and dry roads
  • Steering responsiveness
  • Grip


  • Nothing major noticed so far

The Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico by Pirelli was a tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and sport trucks, and it delivers sharp handling, and good control over the vehicle and road in all weather conditions throughout the year, with some light snow even too. The engineers of Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico basically took the best features of a high-performance summer tire and applied them here.

The tread compound is fit for all-season usage, and the tread pattern is asymmetric for providing better traction and grip on wet and dry roads. If you don’t want to change tires too often on the Ford Escape on an annual basis, this tire could be a good choice.

The outer shoulder ribs are notched, and the large tread blocks secure the cornering power, while at the same time they add to the overall feel and steering responsiveness. With such a tire, you will be in control of the vehicle and the road at all times.

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental ExtremeContact Sport


  • Great wet and dry traction
  • Superb acceleration and braking
  • Precise and quick steering and responsiveness
  • Comfortable and silent ride


  • Not best for extremely cold winters

The ExtremeContact Sport by Continental is the tire launched in 2017, as a tire for sedans, sporty cars, and coupes too. It delivers flawless traction, with even better cornering grip, and all of this is even better with the great ride comfort at the same time.

The tread compound features Silane+ additives along an asymmetric tread design for ultimate traction on wet and dry roads. Whether it is a good weather or not, the Ford Escape with tires like these will do just great!

The overall feel and steering responsiveness are due to the large outer tread blocks combined with the SportPlus Technology. At the same time, the stability is quite great here without a doubt.

The optimized footprint with the Silane+ and the large grooves increase traction on wet roads. Hydroplaning is prevented when you speed up, thus you will enjoy the good ride fully at all speeds.

Inside, the tire has 2 belts of steel with polyamide wrapped spirally, along 2-ply sidewalls for durability and sturdiness on all speeds from the speed range. Also, ExtremeContact Sport has a QuickView Performance Indicator that shows you the wear level of the tread, and if it’s good to go on wet and dry roads.

ExtremeContact Sport is available in sizes 15 to 20 inches, and is warranted for 30k miles of tread.

Which is the best high-performance tire for Ford Escape?

Our best pick here is the Continental ExtremeContact Sport.This tire has traction that is equally amazing on dry and wet roads. As an addition to this, the braking and acceleration performance also maintain their quality on all occasions. You will steer precisely and receive spot on responsiveness during the comfortable and quiet ride.

What to focus on when you choose the best tires for Ford Escape?

Best Tires for Ford Escape: What are the Options? 1

Let’s begin with some info you have to keep in mind – Ford Escape is not meant for off-road usage. Crossovers might be far from the ground, but they are certainly not fit for off-road usage. Instead, such vehicles are perfect for highway and urban usage.

So, let’s start with all-season tires. They are like a combination mix of summer and winter tires, with some nice features of both types, which means they are perfect to use all year round, for some light snow too. This means no ice or deep snow! They offer good handling and grip as a summer tire as well. Basically, all-season tires get you nicely through light snow, rain, slush, and their handling on dry roads is great. Do you live in an area of mild winters and lots of rainy days? If so, this type is for you.

Then, we have the touring tires, which could be a suitable tire type for Ford Escape. These tires offer a comfortable ride with improved performance and handling too. The tread here is quite wide and the contact patch for the road is large. Why is this important? Because there will be a nice, ‘sticky’ feel on the grip for cornering, plus, the ride will be comfy and smooth. With a touring tire, the wet surface traction is quite good, but winter performance is not perfect (similar to the all-season type). Do you drive the Ford Escape on highways mostly and don’t see much winters? Then, a touring tire could be good for you.

Next, we have the winter tires. You probably need them if you live in an area of harsh winters, with extremely cold weather most of the year. If the temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, your Ford Escape qualifies for this type. With these tires, you will not fear the road safety everytime you drive on icy roads, or you suddenly witness an unexpected snowfall overnight. The winter tires perform perfectly on slush, ice, snow, hard-pack, rain, and very cold roads too. Their compound grips the road and bites into whatever is ahead, to provide you with sharp and strong traction. It goes without saying that you need these if you live in a ‘wintery’ area.

Lastly, there are the high-performance tires. Maybe you are a driver that wants to step on the gas pedal too often and speed up, and that is perfect if you have high-performance tires! These tires are, in other words, a type of a summer tire with much better grip. Their aim is maximizing the contact area with the road. These tires are great for the warm weather, and the hot days throughout the year. However, they are not like winter or all-season tires, which means the rubber here will not perform well in the cold weather, or winter.


Whether you are saving a lot or you are ready to invest in quality, there are always suitable tires for every vehicle.

Now, we tried to narrow down the list of best tires for Ford Escape and help you choose the next set easily, while offering you the ones with best quality features.

Invest smart, and enjoy the ride.

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